About Us

The Darting Basketball Academy Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to assist at-risk youth excel in the academic arena and develop leadership skills by using basketball as a motivational tool.


The DBA Youth Foundation Scholar Baller Program is a program built to strengthen core life skills (focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges and self-directed, engaged learning). This program utilizes mentorship and team building to help youth become better leaders, students and citizens. The long-term goal of the program is to provide building blocks for a successful future. The program will begin in August 2020 and run through May 2021. Students will receive a scholarship to the fall and spring semesters of the Darting Basketball Academy, a mentor, opportunities for community service, exposure to influential national/regional/local speakers and more. Students will also be assigned to a student scholarship team where they can learn from and support each other. These teams will compete each nine weeks to win prizes by collecting points for success in numerous life skill areas. Scholar Baller meetings will occur on Sunday nights. Teachers, administrators, counselors or community leaders can nominate a student to be a part of the 2020-21 Scholar Baller program from March 15, 2020 – May 15, 2020 by filling out the online form. The nominated student must also submit an online letter (as part of the nomination) explaining why they want to be a part of the program and what they hope to achieve.


A Board of Directors that consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds, a broad range of expertise and a shared passion for helping the Topeka community governs the DBA Youth Foundation.

Kerry Darting

President, Topeka Business Owner (Darting Basketball Academy)

Marilyn Kido

Secretary, Teacher (Topeka Collegiate)

Dale Cushinberry

Retired Educator/Administrator (Highland Park High School)

Gay Bauersfeld

Topeka Business Owner (Sheridan’s Frozen Custard)

Krista Darting

Director of Business Development and Marketing (DBAYF)


The Darting Basketball Academy Youth Foundation is always looking for volunteers. Volunteers will work with our Scholar Baller students as mentors. Volunteers play an integral part in helping youth become better leaders, students and citizens by providing building blocks for a successful future.

We will begin taking volunteer applications on May 15, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year. Volunteers will be needed from August through May 2021. Those who are selected will be notified and sent information about the program by August 1, 2020.

Upcoming Events

Check back for fundraising events held in Topeka throughout the year. More info on the first event occurring in July 2020 coming soon!


The DBA Youth Foundation is committed to helping students in the Topeka area. Donate and help us enrich the lives of local elementary, middle and high school students today.


The DBA Youth Foundation appreciates the support received from the Topeka community. Corporate partners are positively changing the lives of youth in our area. We can’t do what we do without each and every person. If you have an interest in corporate partnership, please email for more information. Come be a part of the DBA Youth Foundation team!

Sign up for our 2020 membership

Sign up for our 2020 membership